Machine Learning Developer

Min. 1 to 2 Years experience

Job Description

We are looking for a Machine Learning (ML) Developer. Machine Learning Developer responsibilities include creating machine learning models and retraining systems. To do this job successfully, you need exceptional skills in statistics and programming. If you also have knowledge of data science and software engineering, we’d like to meet you. Your ultimate goal will be to shape and build efficient self-learning applications.

what do we need from you

  • Write programs and develop algorithms to extract meaningful information from large amounts of data

  • Preparation of data sets to feed into the algorithm

  • Analysis and development of data structures

  • Dealing with machine solutions for data processing

  • Evaluation of the results

  • Conduct experiments and test different approaches

  • Optimize programs to improve performance, speed, and scalability

  • Treat data engineering to ensure clean records

  • Suggest useful machine learning applications

Technical Skills You Should Have

  • Familiar with Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Knowledge of ML programming languages

  • Experience with machine learning frameworks – Keras or TensorFlow

  • Solid background in software development

  • Ability to train machine learning models

  • Know-how in data processing and handling

  • Expertise in computer science and mathematics

  • Accuracy and reliability

  • Logical and solution-oriented thinking

Key Expertise

  • R

  • Python

  • Java

  • C++


  • BSc in Computer Science, Mathematics or similar field; Master’s degree is a plus


  • You should have at least 1 to 2 years of experience as Machine Learning Developer

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